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Hal Finney

Hal Finney was a Computer Scientist and one of the first Bitcoin contributors, often helping to fix bugs in the source code. Hal received the first-ever Bitcoin transaction of 10 BTC. It is common practice in Software Development to test the source code yourself first. Hal Finney lived just a few blocks away from a man named Dorian (Satoshi) Nakamoto. Could Hal have got the Satoshi pseudonym name from his neighbour?

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Libertarian views

Hal Finney was extremely concerned about the lack of privacy and the amount of centralisation in society, often writing on the Cypherpunks mailing list. His views closely align with those of Satoshi and what he wrote inside the Bitcoin genesis block.Source



10 years before the release of the Bitcoin Protocol, Hal Finney talked at the Crypto98 conference in California. Hal’s talk focused on the idea of Zero-Knowledge Proofs. This protocol played a huge part in the security of Bitcoin and other Blockchains, as it could be used to establish where transactions originated from, where they went and how much money was transferred.Source



Many Cypherpunks have attempted to create their own form of digital cash over the last 30 years. However, Hal’s Reusable Proof of Work system was perhaps one of the only digital cash systems that ever functioned as a piece of software. The software has many strong similarities to Bitcoin, which came years later.Source


The First Bitcoin

Hal received the first-ever Bitcoin transaction of 10 BTC from Satoshi in January 2009. It’s common practice to test the code yourself first. Was Hal sending this transaction to another computer he owned running Bitcoin?Source


Moving On

Satoshi stepped away from the Bitcoin project in 2011. In the same year, a rare neurological disease called ALS forced Hal to retire from his work with Phil Zimmermann at the PGP corporation. Could Hal have been forced to step back from the Bitcoin project too?Source


Dorian Next Door

Dorian Nakamoto, originally named Satoshi Nakamoto, lived just a few doors down from Hal Finney. Dorian had his house foreclosed by bankers. Did Hal think Dorian Nakamoto would be a great symbolic figure to name as the author of the Bitcoin project?Source


Bitcoin Billionaire

Satoshi has more than 1 million Bitcoins stored in several wallets. But why has he never spent these? Could Satoshi have passed away like Hal and never spent his Bitcoin? Hal has said that he has transferred his Bitcoin to an offline wallet, saying: “hopefully they’ll be worth something to my heirs” Could this be Satoshi’s Bitcoin?Source

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