The Web3 Design Agency

We are designing $500m staking dashboards, inventing cutting-edge UX patterns in DeFi and creating distinctive brands in the world of NFTs.

Avark: Your Web3 Disrupter Agency.

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Mockup of Launchpool Platform showcasing Web3 Design of the platform

Let Avark help you embark on your web3 adventure

We are a web3 design agency providing strategic design and consultancy for blockchain products and services.



As blockchain enthusiasts, we enjoy learning about your ideas and figuring out how we can collaborate to advance the web3 space.



At Avark, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We’ll devise a plan for how we can create your vision in this space.



The web3 world is waiting to be designed and defined by creatives. Our team of technically-driven web3 natives are ready to turn your idea into reality.



At Avark, we view our clients as partners who we can build long-lasting relationships with. Together we will embark on a journey of constant evolution.

Mockup of Play to Earn Game Nifty Football showcasing Web3 Design

We exist to lead change in the web3 world.

Find out how our culture, approach and knowledge have made us a design partner to some of the world's leading web3 pioneers.

Defining things with...

Mockup of Web3 Design work we did for NFT platform Nifted