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FinTech is used to describe ways in which technology is integrated into the finance industry to improve the speed, efficiency and overall process of financial services.

Despite enormous advancements in technology, the complex nature of FinTech still leads to highly technical platforms which are often confusing to the user if UX is not considered in the design process.

Avark approaches FinTech projects through the eye of the user. Our user-centred approach will help you translate your highly technical ideas in a way that can still appear simple, free flowing and aesthetically pleasing.

Avark thrives on tackling complex UX challenges, and our previous work in the FinTech space includes working with digital currency exchanges, borrowing and lending protocols and prediction market platforms.


Ratio has enhanced the financial world using blockchain technology by creating an application which allows users to unlock liquidity.

Avark partnered with Ratio from the beginning of their project. Along the way we constructed the UX/UI of their dapp.

The Ratio dapp now allows users to participate in the protocol by using their liquidity provider tokens as collateral to mint USDr.

Users are also able to take advantage of yield farming opportunities and track their gains.

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