A product design agency for web3

Who better to design your product than the people who would be using it? Our team of web3 product designers are inspired by their own experiences in the web3 space which allows them to easily approach your project through your users’ eyes.

Far too often we see web3 products that are built on revolutionary ideas but offer troublesome UX. We understand the UX challenges in web3 run far deeper than making something look good. As a specialised web3 design studio, our approach to web3 product design is all about making blockchain products adoption-friendly and investment-winning.


Our product design service starts with a discovery stage where we’ll invite your team to one of our UX workshops. You can attend remotely or at our Manchester studio if you’re based in the UK.

Here it’s all about getting to know you, your product, your goals and your users. Be warned, they’re quickfire and fast-paced. We’ll exhaust every incremental detail about your project and feed this into your functionalities and user flows.


A traditional design agency might be able to make your product look good, but chances are they won’t fully understand the unique challenges that come with a web3 product from a UX perspective.

Copying UX patterns that were designed for web2 won’t work for web3 products. That’s why we place high importance on our wireframe stage where we’ll prototype your product without any UI design. This allows us to flag any obvious obstacles, invent UX patterns exclusive to web3 products and most importantly, create the smoothest possible user experience.

UI Design

By this stage, your product will offer a seamless user experience. But that means absolutely nothing if your application doesn’t look the part too. We know that this area is often overlooked in the web3 space due to founders and developers believing their revolutionary idea will sell itself regardless of how it looks. It won’t.

Your product will need to be artworked and polished. An outdated, clunky-looking interface won’t build trust with your users – rather important when you consider your product involves new, untrusted technology. We’ll ensure your idea gives off a look and feel that makes users trust and adopt whatever it is you’re building.