Creating the easiest way to pay in crypto

Key Metrics

  • 800+

    Supported Apps

  • 170+

    Supported Cryptocurrencies

  • 155+

    Supported Countries

  • 75+

    Supported Blockchains

The Challenge

To optimise the experience when paying in crypto to one that was capable of onboarding a whole generation to the crypto market.

The Results

Transak has become one of the most widely adopted on/off ramps in web3, onboarding users from fiat to crypto in over 800 apps.


A smoother experience for millions of crypto users

Transak is a crypto on/off ramp designed to make blockchain transactions more accessible and easier to use.

The ramp has been embedded into some of the world’s leading web3 platforms.

Transak had identified several issues that their users were experiencing with their product, they approached us at the start of their journey to help create an overall smoother experience for their users.


Getting to know the Transak user

Our work with Transak began with a discovery stage. This involved getting to know Transak’s product and its objectives from a user experience perspective.

We first worked through the user feedback that Transak provided. We then worked alongside the Transak team to prioritise the UX issues that their users were experiencing.

We also used this stage to understand what their typical user looked like and what obstacles Transak’s users faced when interacting with their crypto solutions.

User Flow

A painless experience for all users

After identifying common user pain points, our UX team set out to create solutions before prototyping a new iteration of the Transak product.

It was important to consider the two types of users: new and existing. In web3, there is often a broad knowledge gap between those who have used a product before and those who haven’t, so it was important that both groups were considered in the flow.

One of our main objectives was to create a user flow with fewer touchpoints.

As many of Transak’s users would be paying in crypto for the first time, removing steps from the user flow ensured there were fewer opportunities to go wrong.

Web3 UX

A new approach for a new audience

Web3 throws up unique UX challenges that require a deep understanding of the blockchain space.

For instance, legal restrictions mean Transak users have to undergo a KYC process which isn’t always instantaneous. On top of this, the act of purchasing crypto itself also isn’t an instant process.

This made for an experience that was completely unfamiliar to what users have come to expect in web2. To combat this, we prioritised simplicity and clarity, ensuring the user fully understood what was happening even if interacting with crypto for the first time.

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