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The emergence of DeFi has brought about new features within the finance world. Terms such as lending, borrowing, yield farming and staking have become staples of the DeFi ecosystem.

But with so many new terms and complex innovations, DeFi needs to become more user orientated with a bigger focus on attractive design and simpler UX.

As a DeFi design agency, we pride ourselves on being able to talk your language. Previously, we’ve tackled sophisticated UX challenges involving DEXs, cross-chain ecosystems, staking dashboards and more.

If you’re building in the DeFi space and are looking for an agency that is capable of understanding your complex needs, we’d love to hear from you.


Ratio is a DeFi protocol which allows users to unlock Solana’s liquidity.

Avark partnered with Ratio from the beginning of their project. Along the way we constructed the UX/UI of their dapp.

The Ratio dapp now allows users to participate in the protocol by using their liquidity provider tokens as collateral to mint USDr.

Users are also able to take advantage of yield farming opportunities and track their gains.

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