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The Design Agency for DeFi Startups

We are working with DeFi startups to design $500m staking dashboards, invent cutting-edge UX patterns for crypto onramps and advance cross-chain experiences for blockchain bridges.

DeFi product design agency providing strategic design and consultancy for blockchain products and services.



As DeFi enthusiasts, we love hearing exciting new ideas and figuring out how crypto and decentralised finance can be used to enhance new and existing concepts.

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Redefining the user experience isn’t done without a plan. We’ll devise a plan for how we can create your vision in the DeFi space. Just like your product, this plan will be revised and refined based on your feedback.

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DeFi is at its best when it’s being shaped and wielded by human creatives. Our technically-gifted team is ready to encode your idea into reality.

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At Avark, we view our clients as partners who we can build long-lasting relationships with. DeFi is constantly evolving, and so are we.

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Our Services



Trust is the cornerstone in navigating the realms of cutting-edge technology. We don't just build brands; we unravel the essence of your 'why'. Our brand strategists decode the intricacies before our designers craft an identity bespoke to your product.


Product Design

Step into the heart of the DeFi revolution, where an enhanced user experience reigns supreme. Our UX maestros draw inspiration from their own DeFi adventures, providing a unique perspective that aligns seamlessly with your users. It's not just a design; it's a journey through the eyes of those who matter most.


Product Build

Our developers are the architects you want to design a home for your product, working with your in-house team to bring your blockchain-based creation to life.


Website Design

For the grand unveiling of your marvel, our web design virtuosos craft a digital storefront that complements your creation. Using UX patterns, we lure users into a visually captivating experience, ensuring your project stands out in the digital landscape.



Even if your brainchild is just a spark of an idea, fear not. We thrive on shaping concepts into reality. Let us help you map out your product, accompanying you on every step of the journey, from inception to triumph.

We exist to lead to change in the DeFi world.

Find out how our culture, approach and knowledge have made us a design partner to some of the world’s leading DeFi pioneers.

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