What to expect when you work with us.

We work with a range of both established businesses and new brands that want to utilise the power of the Blockchain in their products and services. We focus on creating rich and engaging user experiences that can help you appeal to an ever growing market and here’s how:

How we help you define different


The getting-to-know-you stage of the project where we explore what you need and any ideas you’ve got on how to achieve it. We’ll work with you to establish a clear brief, then dig into that to identify the best way of delivering.


This is where we define the project’s scope, finalise technical requirements and implement key milestones. Wireframes are formed in this stage as they align both design, build and your vision. Here we begin to solve UX challenges and create a prototype of your Blockchain product/service.


At this stage, we decide how best to move from concept to completed product, integrating form and function for the best results. In the build phase we combine the visual design with the technical elements outlined during your planning stage.


In-house, we’ll work through the quality control checklist. You’ll get a staging link so you can see the work before it goes live. We’re not the kind of agency that waves you off into the sunset - we’ll be talking next steps and strategies to help you succeed in the Blockchain space.

Our Specialisms

At Avark we specialise in helping Blockchain brands build everything from their visual identity, to new websites, to decentralised apps and even NFTs.

UX Design

Our team of user-centred designers are here to help your business tackle and solve important Blockchain UX challenges.


We help our clients to build exciting new brand identities or inject new life into existing ones.


Our team of experienced developers will create usable and reliable solutions that work for your users.


We can work with your in-house team to provide expert advice and insights on the design and development of your products and services.

Defining things with...


What our clients say

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