De-risking DeFi through the use of user-friendly design

Key Metrics

  • $4,000,000


  • $1,650,247

    fully diluted market cap

  • $2,013,247

    token raise

The Challenge

To construct a DeFi platform that would work to simplify the process of unlocking Solana’s liquidity. The key challenge within this was creating UI designs that visually guided the user through a highly technical process, allowing them to have a seamless experience.

The Results

The Ratio dapp is one of the first of its kind to be built on the Solana blockchain. Their innovative approach to decentralised finance, coupled with a user-centred platform has allowed them to build a loyal community within the competitive DeFi space.


Improving the DeFi space

As of March 2022, over $200 billion is locked into the DeFi (decentralised finance) ecosystem, with a large portion specifically in Ethereum based projects and protocols.

Ratio wanted to give the DeFi community an alternative, by building their decentralised application (dApp) on Solana it gave users a cheaper to use, faster option with the same potential.

The Ratio platform allows users to utilise their assets to earn yield whilst also giving them options to leverage their stake to maximise earnings. All within a simple to use platform which provides all the tools a user would need to provide liquidity and farm; reducing the technical know-how needed to perform complicated DeFi procedures.

Avark partnered with Ratio from the beginning of their project.
Along the way we constructed the UX/UI of their dApp with the aim of simplifying the user’s journey and allowing them to visually track their gains.


Guiding the user through a complex space

As Ethereum has become swamped with transactions from builders and users, transaction speeds have slowed and gas fees have risen.

This has left crypto creations and DeFi platforms with UX holes that creators can do nothing about.

One, or the only, solution for this problem is to integrate DeFi into other blockchains.

Opting to build on the Solana blockchain allowed Ratio to benefit from speeds capable of processing 65,000 transactions per second and transaction fees that are a fraction above zero.


Visualising Risk

To achieve a successful product, we knew that the user interface would be crucial.

Ratio were aiming to “de-risk DeFi” and this was heavily reliant on our UI designs showing exactly what was happening with the user’s funds whilst they were in the hands of Ratio.

The Ratio dashboard makes the user aware of any risk; showing vault health, collateralization ratio, liquidation levels and risk rating all vaults to give users all the information they need to assess different strategies quickly.

Working with Avark has streamlined our design tremendously. Avark goes beyond design and actually takes the time to learn the goals and needs of your project. This has translated directly into innovative designs and intuitive features for our platform that we would have never imagined by ourselves.

Shimon Newman

Ratio Finance Core Contributor

De-Risking DeFi

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