Evening the odds in decentralised sports betting

The Project

The challenge

To create a bold, decentralised sports betting platform that provides a fresh yet familiar experience whilst seamlessly integrating web3 technology.

The results

The Setoros platform offers a competitive edge with its innovative approach to web3 sports betting. The user-centric design means that users have access to global liquidity pools without having to trade that familiar feel of a traditional sports betting platform.


Hiding web3 in plain sight

Blockchain offers limitless opportunities for new and exciting ideas, but so often these ideas come with web3 as the main draw for the project.

Setoros was looking for a more subtle approach, utilising web3 technology under the guise of a seemingly web2 platform.

The website would bring the masses over to the opportunities presented by web3, without needing web3 to be the draw. Instead, the focus is on the premium user experience that rewards a superior knowledge of the sport.


Putting the brand above the tech

Setoros needed a logo that inspired the feeling of bravery and daring associated with the bull. The product needed to align with their brand by putting the focus on not being a typical web3 platform. Instead, it is an innovative betting service that utilises web3 technology under the surface.

What was really important to the product was not using any cheap, FOMO-driven techniques used by other sports betting platforms.


Welcoming a web2 crowd

Simplicity and familiarity were key pillars for Setoros. The aim was to bring a web2 experience to a web3 product, unlike competitors that typically focus heavily on the pros of web3.

This meant implementing user-friendly features like being able to browse without connecting a wallet, as well as making it easy to see active or claimable bets once connected. It also meant avoiding any mention of crypto or gas fees during transactions until it was absolutely essential to do so.

It was important to enable a mobile-friendly design to avoid alienating the majority of users that bet on their mobile.


A premium brand with an approachable feel

The look of the product very much needed to match the feel: accessible and approachable, without sacrificing the premium feeling that was defined in the branding.

The bull logo and toros reference in the name focuses on the bold, daring nature of sport without referencing any blockchain cliches that other platforms choose to follow.

Just like the UX, the product leads the UI rather than the technology. A stripped back feel in the design with blacks and whites give all the attention to the data and the odds, using feature images as the standout assets to allow for ultimate focus.

Defy the odds

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