Crafting a new era of NFT marketplaces

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The Challenge

To redefine NFT marketplaces by branding the first reward-centric, gamified platform that allows users to buy and sell NFTs.

The Results

Avark collaborated with the Spaace team, developing the brand identity through to product design, crafting a gamified NFT Marketplace that actively rewards its users in ways not seen before in the space.


Taking NFT marketplaces to the next level

While NFT marketplaces, particularly in web3 terms, have a solid foundation, the user experience remains relatively unexplored. Despite the longevity of platforms like OpenSea, with over $20 billion in sales, there exists a market gap for a user-centric tool that not only retains users but also incentivizes them to actively participate in buying and selling.

Our objective was clear: design a marketplace to revolutionise the way users interact with NFTs.

Brand Rollout

A quest for rewards

To stand out in a crowded market, Spaace embraced gamification as its key differentiator. This wasn’t just limited to the product; it permeated every aspect of the brand. The animated, expandable ‘a’ in the Spaace logo became a symbol of play and a portal, seamlessly integrating with the overarching space theme. From metallic-designed rank badges to space chests holding enticing rewards, every element was crafted to captivate users.

Brand Identity

Branding the Gameplay

The entire brand experience was conceived to feel like a captivating game. Personalised PFP frames, designed to compliment with the rank badges, allowed users to customise avatars and profiles. Branded animations embraced the essence of gameplay, featuring elements like levelling up, leaderboards, and mystery rewards.


The Spaace Launch

As part of the brand roll out Avark developed promo videos to unveil Spaace’s vision and provide glimpses of its UI and features. These videos immerse viewers in Spaace’s world, building anticipation for its launch and underscoring its mission to transform the NFT marketplace. We’ve been working on the full product design for the last 12 months and can’t wait to show the world following the Spaace launch.

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