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    Published 11th February 2021

    Avark partners with NFT Bitcoin Origins to build community style website!

    Avark partners with NFT Bitcoin Origins to build community style website! Image

    The NFT market is exploding right now and we are proud to have partnered up with one of the most innovative and creative NFT projects in the space; Bitcoin Origins.

    Check out the piece we built for the Bitcoin Origins community.

    The team at Bitcoin Origins have set themselves the task of immortalizing the most significant ‘Moments’ in bitcoin’s history through a rare set of digital collectible cards.

    Take a look at some of their amazing NFT artwork below. The limited supply of these cards has sparked huge interest in the Blockchain space and created a huge demand from users who want to own their own piece of Bitcoins history.

    How Avark are helping to grow one of the biggest NFT communities

    Avark has been working with the Bitcoin Origins team to build an engaging experience that allows their community to go on a treasure hunt like no other.

    NFT Genius (the team behind the project) have devised a huge set of clues to create a global treasure hunt for their community.

    Each clue helps the community unlock the next clue in the hunt and eventually to unlock the next ‘Moment’ in Bitcoins history.

    The Bitcoin Origins team came to Avark with a unique UX challenge to create a site that would appeal to a range of different users with a range of needs. It was established that the site would be used to:

    • Onboard new users and help to develop an understanding of the project
    • Excite the strong existing community on Telegram
    • Provide a place where community members can keep up with the progress of the project and the status of different clues
    • Explore the variation of cards minted in each moment

    The Avark team took this brief and created Bitcoin Origins | The Hunt.

    We’re really excited to be helping the Bitcoin Origins team deliver cutting edge interactive web experiences that complement this exciting NFT project.

    Here’s a quick rundown of what the NFT Genius team have achieved so far:

    Taking NFT’s by storm

    Bitcoin Origins has seen massive success and is regularly in the top 5 NFT’s by Sales Volume with other huge projects such as NBA Top Shot, Crypto Punks and Sorare.

    Recently American entrepreneur and billionaire Mark Cuban even wrote about the Bitcoin Origins project and how NFT’s and digital collectables are the future.

    The community around the project is growing with every new moment release, currently there are over 3,500 members of the Telegram community with thousands more following the progress of the project on other platforms such as Twitter.


    Want to own your own piece of Bitcoin’s history? Follow the simple steps below…

    How do I get Bitcoin Origins Cards/Blocks?

    1. Join the community Telegram group to get access to information on prices and more details of the releases
    2. Visit the Bitcoin Origins Website, the countdown on the homepage represents how long until the next ‘Moment’ is released. Get this time in your calendar, blocks often sell out in a matter of seconds!
    3. Create a WAX walletand purchase the amount of WAX required for the blocks you want to purchase.
    4. Go back to the Bitcoin Origins website and click ‘Login’ to connect your wallet. You should see your WAX public key in the top right corner of the screen.
    5. To buy the blocks navigate to the buy page, once the countdown comes to an end, a ‘buy’ button will become available under the block.
    6. Clicking the buy button should cause the Wax Wallet pop up to appear on the page, authorise the transaction and if you were quick enough then you should own a block!
    7. To open the block, simple navigate to the inventory tab on the Bitcoin Origins site and click open.


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