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    Published 25th March 2022

    RaidParty: A Complete Guide

    RaidParty: A Complete Guide Image

    Play-to-earn games are the latest web3 craze with games like Axie Infinity and Star Atlas financially rewarding gamer's endeavours. But what if there was a play-to-earn game with the potential to make you money whilst you slept? Well there is! Here’s everything you need to know about RaidParty.

    What is RaidParty?

    RaidParty is a play-to-earn, idle-yield MMO (that’s massively multiplayer online) game built on the Ethereum blockchain.

    The game is pretty simple. It sees players compete against the AI by building a team of heroes and fighters to take on a boss.

    The aim of the game is essentially to earn confetti ($CFTI) – the RaidParty token. Players can use $CFTI to level up their heroes/fighters and use it to mint new NFTs.

    One of the most unique aspects of the RaidParty game is the fact it uses a deflationary mechanism. To mint new heroes, players will have to burn fighters. And to enhance your NFTs you will be required to burn $CFTI as well as fighters/heroes.

    How to play RaidParty?

    Players will first need to acquire at least 2 NFTs: one RaidParty hero and one RaidParty fighter. Fighters are responsible for inflicting damage whilst heroes are responsible for leading your team into battle.

    You can add up to 6 fighters to your party although this is dependent on your hero NFT. The more common heroes will allow you to add a maximum of 4 fighters whilst the rarest heroes have a base party limit of 6 fighters.

    The size and skill of your party will determine how much damage your NFTs are capable of inflicting. Each individual fighter has a damage rating and each hero has a damage multiplier which gives your party a total damage rating.

    For example, if you have 2 fighters with a damage rating of 800 and a hero with a 1.5x multiplier, your party’s total damage rating will be ((800+800) x 1.5=) 2400. So your team would be capable of inflicting 2400 damage per attack.

    Once you have a party assembled, you will take them to ‘the raid’ to take on a RaidParty boss.

    As already stated, RaidParty is an idle-yield play-to-earn game. This means players essentially leave their NFTs to yield passive income. Other than assembling a party and enhancing NFTs, the player has no impact on the game.

    The video below shows a team of RaidParty fighters inflicting damage upon the boss whilst their owner goes about their day before returning to their computer to see how much damage their party has caused.

    And what’s the point of all this damage? Well, damage = $CFTI. The more damage inflicted on the boss, the more $CFTI the player will earn.

    Confetti ($CFTI) is the RaidParty token which is used to mint new NFTs and also to enhance current fighters and heroes. And as $CFTI is a crypto token, it also carries a real-world value if you like with holders able to sell their Confetti tokens on crypto exchanges.

    RaidParty Fighters

    During the mint there will be 11,111 fighters with a max supply of 77,777.

    Fighters possess 2 traits:

    1. Base damage level – this determines how much damage each fighter can inflict per attack which ranges from 800 to 1400.
    2. Enhancement level – players can spend $CFTI to enhance their fighters in order to raise the amount of damage they are capable of.

    The cost to mint a fighter is 100 $CFTI.

    RaidParty fighter
    RaidParty fighter artwork

    RaidParty Heroes

    During the mint there will be a total of 5,555 heroes available. 1,111 of which will be genesis heroes which have three main benefits over standard heroes:

    1.  A lower number of fighters need to be burned when summoning new heroes (20 fighters to 15 fighters).
    2. Increased enhancement benefits from level
    3. Static base damage of 1100 compared with 800 for a standard hero.

    The cost of minting a hero is 100 $CFTI along with the user having to burn 20 fighters (15 if you own a genesis hero).

    All RaidParty heroes will possess 3 traits:

    1. Party damage multiplier – this ranges from 1.4x to 1.8x for genesis heroes and 1.2x to 1.7x for standard heroes.
    2. Base party limit – your hero determines how many fighters you can have in your party. This ranges from 4-6 depending on the rarity of the hero.
    3. Enhancement level – players can spend $CFTI to enhance their heroes. Enhancements affect damage multiplier and base party limit.

    There will be a maximum supply of 22,222 RaidParty heroes.

    RaidParty hero
    RaidParty hero artwork


    Bosses also affect $CFTI yield as all bosses have a yield multiplier.

    All players play against the same boss at the same time which come in 1 of 6 tiers: basic, strong, epic, mythic, legendary and godly.

    RaidParty boss levels

    The chance of a boss spawning decreases as the tier increases. By contrast, the higher the tier, the higher the $CFTI multiplier and the longer the boss will be available for.

    For example, there is a 56% chance of a basic boss spawning – the most common boss. Basic bosses last for 88 blocks and have a multiplier of 1x.

    RaidParty godly tier boss
    A godly tier boss

    On the other hand, the rarest tier of bosses, godly, have a tiny 0.5% chance of spawning but reward players by lasting for 1600 blocks and will multiply player’s $CFTI yield by 100x.

    How to earn money from RaidParty

    One of the most attractive elements of the RaidParty game is the ability for gamers to earn passive income. As we’ve already outlined, players receive the game’s token, $CFTI, for dealing damage to the bosses.

    Given $CFTI is currently trading around $25-$35, and the top players are earning as much as 60 $CFTI per day, it just goes to show the amount of real money that players can earn from the game.

    Alternatively, players can profit from their NFTs. Enhancing your heroes and fighters will likely increase their value on the secondary market.

    Fighters are currently being traded for as much as 4ETH whilst heroes have a floor price of 1.2ETH.


    The team behind RaidParty have outlined potential features that may be integrated in the future through their roadmap.

    Guilds and $gCFTI

    Players will be able to work together by creating guilds. Guilds are essentially teams of gamers; in RaidParty, guilds can be expanded to contain a maximum of 100 members.

    Guilds will cost 500 $CFTI to create and start with a maximum of 10 members.

    Guild raids will see each member take control of one fighter slot in the dungeon with guilds earning $gCFTI for their endeavours.

    $gCFTI will be used to buy increased guild size, temporary guild boosts (buffs) or permanent boosts (blessings).

    RaidParty roadmap


    RaidParty bank

    This would act as a community funded bank that would grant players access to ETH without having to sell their NFTs.


    In the future, players will be able to rent out their party with RaidParty taking 5% of the rental fee.

    RaidParty pets

    A pet slot will allow a new form of a RaidParty NFT which will add to your team’s total damage.

    Multiple dungeons/Mini dungeons

    The RaidParty creators believe multiple dungeons catering for the differing levels of gamers will help ensure the game isn’t dominated by whales.

    Mini dungeons will see players own arenas where they can set a fixed entry fee or take a percentage of $CFTI yielded within their dungeon.


    Daily and weekly objectives that players can compete for extra $CFTI.

    For example, defeat 10 enemies (daily) or summon a fighter (weekly).


    The play-to-earn gaming world is expected to boom this year, and with the number of new games entering the space, it’s vital that blockchain games find a way to differentiate themselves. RaidParty has attempted to do this by offering gamers a way to earn income without actually needing to play the game as such.

    It will certainly be interesting to see how this goes down amongst gamers; could RaidParty be the next big thing in play-to-earn gaming?


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