Designing the battle for yield in DeFi gaming

The Project

The Challenge

Find a way to keep users coming back for more by creating a gamified experience with real rewards founded on sustainable tokenomics.

The Results

The CryptoCookies platform offers an engaging user experience, maintaining its fun nature as a game without sacrificing any level of functionality on the back-end.


Play-to-earn yield farming game

Most DeFi projects focus on the returns, CryptoCookies wanted to compete on experience, offering a more interactive way to engage with crypto which would appeal to a wider audience and not just crypto natives.

Users are becoming more and more adapted to the current offerings in DeFi, so it was important to go deeper than just returns, to tap into a true gaming experience that would finally make crypto fun.

CryptoCookies needed us to design an intuitive, gamified interface that would let their project truly shine. They needed a product that was clear in its purpose without sacrificing the fun.


Making yield farming fun

Following the client’s vision, we needed to find the fun in DeFi and provide a unique user experience that players couldn’t find somewhere else.

The first step was our UX team working closely with the CryptoCookies team to complete a UX audit – we reviewed current wireframes of their product and visualised mock-ups of how we could visually enhance the platform.

This meant looking at trends in gaming and DeFi, and figuring out how to adapt them for the unique CryptoCookies experience.

CryptoCookies’ advantage over competitors was the gamified nature of the app. As a result, it was crucial the user’s journey was one that was fun, rewarding and engaging. This was the most important consideration when designing the user flows.


CryptoCookies is powered by Fudge

CryptoCookies are complicated under the dough, but you wouldn’t know from looking at the platform. In keeping with the brand, we kept information succinct but clear to avoid overwhelming the user and ruining the fun.

We used the distinct colours of the Cookie and Fudge logos to create individual visual profiles for the app depending on which token was selected, making it easy and clear to see which token was in use at any time.

Animations were incorporated into the design to make every action more visually appealing, encouraging the user to want more with every click.

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