Key Metrics

The Challenge

To design and build a gamified experience with an adventure-like feel for Bucanneers of the Blockchain’s community to engage with.

The Results

Avark worked across brand, design and development to create the Buccaneers of the Blockchain game. The game has already built up a strong following as it gears up for the full release.


The gift of GiveFi

Buccaneers of the Blockchain are combining DeFi with philanthropy to advance what they’re terming, GiveFi.

BotB is using GiveFi to send their community on a crypto-incorporating treasure hunt.

The project sees players work their way through a series of clues leading towards a prize pot which currently has a value of over $1,000,000, with a proportion of the treasure being donated to the Disabled American Veterans charity.

The challenge for us was to create a website that felt more like a game, offering an interactive and immersive experience for the user.


Creating a seal of approval

BotB came to us with an existing NFT collection which our brand team needed to work around when expanding their collection into a brand.

The brand needed to combine the aesthetics of cyborgs and robots with pirates while still carrying an element of prestige.

The icon played on the idea of cyborg v pirates, matching the brief whilst bringing through an element of gamification via the two sides.

Crucial to the branding process was the creation of assets and icons to help create a deeper story around the NFT collection, adding to the gamification element of the project.

Product Design

Eyes on the prize

Our design team worked in sprints to create a full prototype of the game which included the exploration of key components such as battling, minting and training.

Having worked with play-to-earn games before, we were aware of subtle touches that could be used to increase the gamification of the hunt.

Always showing the total value of the treasure chest reminded users what they were playing for while the constant countdown created a sense of urgency for players. Likewise the branded assets and interactive map help to deliver a more enchanted experience for the player.

Product Build

Developing an immersive experience

Our development team added transitions and animations designed to bring the product to life.

Incorporating parallax scrolling created the illusion that the user was flying around the map rather than scrolling.

To feel like a game, the whole site needed to feel like one page and offer an immersive experience. Subtle animations and hover effects helped achieve this effect where the user feels like they’re never leaving the page.

Bucc the Status Quo

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