Onboarding the next generation of NFT artists

Key Metrics

  • 200,000

    NFTs issued

  • 16,062 ETH

    total sales volume

  • 124,000

    Twitter followers

  • 29,000

    Discord members

The Challenge

To create a one-page website that would act as the first step for artists who wanted to transition from traditional digital art to NFT art. A successful website would show why KnownOrigin was the best place to build a digital art career and subsequently drive new artist applications on their NFT marketplace.

The Results

Avark designed and developed a site capable of capturing the next generation of NFT artists by drawing attention to the great quality work on KnownOrigin and the artist-centric nature of their platform. The site was first displayed at the Adobe MAX Conference in Los Angeles where it was well received by the artists in attendance.


The first step for NFT artists

KnownOrigin provides one of the world’s leading NFT marketplaces. And Avark are proud to have a long-term relationship with KnownOrigin which has seen us work across several projects together.

The KnownOrigin team recently approached us with the challenge of designing and building a website for their attendance at the recent Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles.

The website would be displayed on their stall at the conference which they were using to drive new artist signups and educate traditional digital artists about the potential of NFT art.


NFT marketplace for NFT artists

The value of the NFT art market is fast approaching that of conventional art, and with that rise has come an increase in the number of NFT marketplaces available to digital artists.

However none are more artist-focused than KnownOrigin. The site needed to act as a funnel for new artists to realise this.

Our UX team created wireframes to determine a user flow that took potential signups on a journey, with strategically placed copy and images showcasing why KnownOrigin was the best place to build their career as a digital artist.

Design & Build

Designed to educate, built to showcase

In terms of design, the site needed stripping back to allow the work of KnownOrigin’s artists to be at the forefront and capture the attention of fellow artists.

At the same time, we were working with a leader in the digital art space. The site needed to be bold and immersive to reflect the respected KnownOrigin brand.

Introducing three.js and parallax scrolling to compliment, rather than distract from, the imagery and copy ensured the right balance between educating and showcasing.

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