Telling stories with NFTs

Key Metrics

  • 7,777

    NFTs minted

  • 1,149 ETH

    total sales volume

The Challenge

Sprite Club approached us with the challenge of refreshing their website to reflect that their NFT collection had moved from the minting stage to being a fully live NFT project featuring 7,777 sold-out NFTs. The new website needed to showcase Sprite Club’s unique Choose Your Own Adventure style NFTs whilst still being informative to those new to discovering the collection.

The Results

Avark worked from design to build to develop the new Sprite Club website. We placed a high emphasis on interactivity, whilst also ensuring the site was visually eye-catching to capture the innovative, magical nature of the Sprite Club NFT collection.


Bringing new utility to the NFT space

The NFT space has seen enormous growth over the last couple of years. As the space has become engulfed by projects, NFT collections have been tasked with finding new, innovative ways to offer utility.

Sprite Club attempts to do this by incorporating storytelling into their collection of Sprite NFTs.

Sprites double as their owner’s main character in the Sprite Realm, and allow holders to impact the narrative that they wish to take their Sprite on.

Avark recently worked with Sprite Club to design and build a new website for their NFT collection which launched on 26th March and sold out within 3 days.

Web Design & Build

A touch of magic

Sprite Club came to us already possessing an established brand, as proven by their sold-out collection.

The unique nature of their NFT project, emphasised by the lack of similar collections, had already succeeded at standing out in a crowded space. The challenge for us was to create a website that was as unique as their Sprites.

Our design team aimed to convey the magical nature of Sprite Club by combining their captivating brand with animated elements.

We used interactive CSS transitions to bring the website to life which helped to emphasise the storytelling element of the Sprite Club collection and the fictional world in which the project takes place.

Sprite Club reached out to the Avark team after meeting at a DeFi event, and we’re thrilled with the results after bringing them on board to build our new website. We’re looking forward to working with them in the future and seeing what other results can be achieved!


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