Collaborating with Caduceus to bridge the UX gap in DeFi

The Project

The challenge

To assist with the creation of a cross-chain bridge that would allow users to move any EVM-compatible asset to and from the Caduceus blockchain.

The results

Avark designed, and then collaborated with the M4TTER team to build a bridge that allows users to move assets to the Caduceus blockchain from 25 supported chains.


A solution to the lack of interoperability

For blockchain technology to become adopted by the masses, the interoperability within web3 must be improved.

Caduceus, using their blockchain incubator M4TTER, is looking to tackle this very issue with their EVM-compatible bridge.

The product allows users to bridge assets to and from the Caduceus blockchain.

They approached Avark to design and build their bridge.

Product Design

Supportive Visuals

The main challenge in the design phase was displaying the process of transferring crypto assets in a way that was visually engaging for the user, something that is poorly executed when using bridges and in web3 as a whole.

The functionality of the product needed to match other blockchain bridges while the added visuals worked to enhance the process of bridging assets across chains from a UX perspective.

We wanted to ensure the visuals were constantly supporting the status of the user’s assets to help differentiate M4TTER’s offering from similar products.

Product Build

State-based animation

When building out the front end of the application, the challenge was to create an animated experience that guided the UX without impacting performance.

Our developers used three.js to animate the M4TTER blob, allowing its state to change depending on which stage of the process the user is at.

As always we optimised the performance of the M4TTER bridge for mobile as well as desktop.

Bridge your assets on Caduceus


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