Bringing privacy to decentralised finance

The Project

The challenge

The key challenge was to bring privacy and security to the open nature of web3. Conspiracy required a DEX that gave the user an increased level of security and anonymity whilst still delivering a simplified user experience.

The results

After working across UX and UI to fully design their dapp, we handed over to the Conspiracy team to develop one of the first decentralised exchanges to incorporate PriFi (private decentralised finance). The designs have been well received by the Conspiracy community and, coupled with the brand we crafted, have given them a strong presence in the space ahead of their product launch.


Redefining DEXs

Conspiracy is a decentralised exchange (DEX) which, unlike traditional DEXs, contains transactions that are private and untraceable.

Conspiracy is built on the belief that for DeFi to reach mass adoption, the space needs to increase privacy for those using DeFi platforms.

Currently, DEXs are open and transparent, allowing anyone to see your transaction details. Conspiracy are looking to change this; you wouldn’t show someone your online bank statement so why should you show someone your crypto transactions?


A mark of trust

The Conspiracy branding centred around the logo. This brought about two main challenges.

Firstly, to create a brand logo that conveyed trust and privacy whilst still being clean, aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching.

Secondly, we needed to achieve this whilst keeping the Conspiracy logo consistent with the client’s existing projects.

We chose to keep the hexagon shape of their existing CIA brand but introduced the Conspiracy fingerprint to highlight the secure nature of their DEX.


Simple and stripped back

Improved UX is a common goal shared by those building in the DeFi space.

For Conspiracy, this was even more crucial due to their lack of direct competitors. With only a handful of creators offering the same product, they were essentially competing on usability and design.

Our team studied the UX of other DEXs to try and decipher between what was needed and what wasn’t.


Keeping a secret

For those possessing high crypto net worths, a DEX built on privacy principles that users became accustomed to prior to web3 was required. This would help prevent issues such as wallet tracking and identities being made public (doxxing).

It was crucial to hide data such as transaction IDs and wallet addresses and this needed to be considered in the UI.

We also built on the work of our branding team by creating a user interface that didn’t just feel private, but looked it too.

The dark theme helped to create a secretive, if not mysterious feel to the platform which went hand in hand with Conspiracy’s brand values.

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