Creating a face of authority in DeFi


The Project

The challenge

To identify and create the brand identity for a pioneering on-chain options trading platform. The key challenge was to capture the level of knowledge, authority and innovation that IVX are bringing to the space.

The results

The Avark team worked closely with IVX to create an identity that reflects their dedication to being at the forefront of innovation as well as the dynamic nature of the crypto market.


Bringing unlimited choice to AMM trading

IVX is a boundary-pushing AMM trading platform launching on Arbitrum and will be the first of its kind to offer cross-margin option trading, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

The team at IVX are at the top of their game, so the challenge for Avark was creating a brand that instilled trust in potential users and demonstrated the versatility of the platform. As blockchain natives, IVX wanted their brand to become known for giving to the space, rather than taking from it.

The message needed to be professionalism, technical excellence and flexibility but without sacrificing the values upon which blockchain was founded in the first place: freedom, trustlessness, decentralisation.

Brand Design

Creating a strong visual identity

Avark crafted a logo that was understated in its appearance but loud in its message. This was achieved by using geometric shapes in the design – signifying the complex mathematics done behind the scenes as alluded to in the original brief.

The gradient in the colour scheme not only compliments the logo, it also represents the fluidity of the markets and the flexibility and freedom in the user experience on the platform.

The company name itself, IVX, is almost reminiscent of a ticker for a coin on an exchange, which alongside the logo, puts a potential user into the mindset of a professional trader from merely a glance.

Brand Rollout

Preparing for the next steps

The final step was to arm IVX with the relevant tools to secure users and investors.

Social media templates would appeal to their targeted communities: traders, whales and degens. A bespoke pitch deck gave IVX a professional, consistent look when trying to spread the word of their product.

We also implemented a UI style guide so that the IVX team had everything they needed to seamlessly go to market.

This, along with other examples of brand application, would allow IVX to bring their brand to life and give them the assets to develop the cutting-edge platform to match their sleek new brand identity.

A new place to trade

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