Empowering NFT artists with creator-centred design

The Project

The Challenge

The key challenge was to deliver a portal which provided access to a new set of tools for digital artists. Despite being data heavy, the portal needed to carry KnownOrigin’s clean look which was important to them as art enthusiasts.

The Results

Working from design to build, Avark helped KnownOrigin to improve the UX of the NFT space from an artist’s perspective. What’s more, the artist-centred portal has helped KnownOrigin to cement their platform as the best place to kickstart a career as a digital artist.


Artist-first NFT marketplace

KnownOrigin is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces available to artists and collectors. After starting in 2018, KnownOrigin has gone on to become a $30 million project which has helped over 5000 NFT artists worldwide.

This incredible growth has been fueled by their dedication to being “for the artist”. KnownOrigin is not just a place to sell NFTs, but a community of aspiring digital artists.

KnownOrigin approached Avark after feedback from their community showed demand for a portal which would host all of an artist’s key data in one place.

The tool would need to encourage artists to use the KnownOrigin platform on a daily basis but more importantly, assist them in turning their skill from a part-time hobby into a full-time career.


For the artists, by the artists

The biggest challenge from a UX perspective was finding a way to display an abundance of information in a way that didn’t overwhelm the user and still delivered a seamless experience.

To achieve this, we needed to decide which information and features should be prioritised.

This is where KnownOrigin’s tight-knit relationship with their community of artists came into play. They gained feedback from artists around our initial wireframes and carried out in-depth interviews.

Artists felt information around collectors and listings was most important. From there, we deciphered which data should be considered a key metric and which should be slightly more hidden away so as to not overcrowd the interface.


Bringing the NFT community closer together

The interface needed to clearly display information that artists could use to advance their experience on KnownOrigin.

Features allow artists to discover their most loyal collectors, filtering by time frame and collector category.

Artists can also view how collectors have found them, track their revenue over time and see the most recent activity involving their work.

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