Building the world's most rewarding token experience

Key Metrics

The Challenge

To ignite enthusiasm with the launch of the ‘World’s most rewarding token’ by delivering a visually captivating experience that boldly stands out in the web3 landscape and help Lingo complete its fundraising goal.

The Results

Lingo partnered with the Avark team to disrupt the web3 space, motivating us to design a compelling website that solidifies this vision. We created a website that reflects the revolutionary nature of the project and creates a lasting impression, whilst educating users on the real world benefits and value of their ecosystem.

Concept & UX

Creating a visualisation of the Lingo ecosystem

Lingo was enthusiastic about incorporating 3D elements to convey its visionary ambitions. Our concepts involved crafting ‘Lingo island’ models, featuring vibrant city skylines and playful animated details like Lamborghinis and literal ‘airdrops’ revolving around the Lingo sun which represents the Lingo ecosystem.

Working with the ambitious brief we translated our creative concepts using high-fidelity wireframes and 3D prototypes to demonstrate our vision for the website.


Using 3D Browser technology to deliver a next gen rich experience

To translate this concept onto the web, we utilised three.js, creating a distinct branded universe characterised by striking 3D visuals, fluid textures, and vibrant fluorescent-neon glows, instantly synonymous with Lingo and its groundbreaking initiative.

The website’s content is segmented into easily navigable sections to explain Lingo’s core propositions. To enhance user engagement, we implemented dynamic viewpoint adjustments as users scroll through the content, ensuring a captivating interactive experience.


Grabbing attention through desktop and mobile

We also devised ways to smoothly highlight vital information in the content, ensuring a cohesive theme across the user experience. This involved employing star-like particle transitions, glitching satellite imagery, and creatively framing video content.

Recognising the complexity of the website’s design, optimisation became a focal point in our process to ensure load times remained within users’ expectations.


The experience has helped Lingo complete a very successful raise in preparation for take-off

As an essential launch tool, the website serves as the cornerstone for introducing Lingo’s revolutionary token to the world, amplifying excitement and driving engagement from the outset.

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