Play-to-earn meets fashion resale


The Project

The challenge

To build a solid brand strategy that could be paired with a new brand identity and UI design to showcase Untagged’s unique offering of combining traditional fashion resale with play-to-earn gaming.

The results

After carrying out a brand workshop, Avark worked across brand and UI design to successfully reposition Untagged to appeal more to Gen-Z and gamers. Crucial to the rebrand was building a brand around play-to-earn gaming to make preloved/digital fashion more addictive than fast fashion.


Web3’s solution to fast fashion

Untagged aims to take users to the next level of fashion resale by offering a web3 alternative to traditional fashion resale platforms.

Unlike web2 competitors, Untagged works on a play-to-earn basis. Allowing users to complete missions by trading preloved items and digital wearables in return for their in-app currency which can be spent on items or cashed in for brand discounts.

Crucial to their success was creating a gamified experience for the user.

Brand Strategy

A gamified identity

Our branding team first carried out a strategy workshop with Untagged to map out their target audience, their brand principles and where they fit into the market.

Our findings showed that Untagged placed a higher emphasis on tech and innovation than competitors which helped them attract a younger audience, often gamers.

We tied these findings together to summarise their brand strategy in one clear proposition: “to introduce gamification to the world of fashion resale to make shopping preloved items more addictive than fast fashion.”

Brand Visuals

A digital identity for digital fashion

The next challenge was to visually bring through the brand strategy.

Appealing to a digitally native, fearlessly individualistic generation that is anything but reserved required a striking, energetic colour palette.

The other challenge was differentiating Untagged from web2 fashion resalers by bringing through the web3 aspect of their platform.

The full stop used in the brandmark nicely connects with the shape of a pixel to create both a bold and digital look which acts as a nod to the digital fashion that Untagged is embracing.


A familiar experience in an unfamiliar world

We incorporated simple swiping into Untagged’s app designs to deliver an experience that was not only enjoyable but familiar to their young target audience. This was crucial as the app needed to appeal to those stepping into the play-to-earn space for the first time.

In terms of UI, our designers took inspiration from OGs of the gaming world, putting a Gen-Z twist on the era of PacMan and Space Invaders to create accompanying visuals to be used throughout the app to add subtle touches of gamification.

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