Designing the #Watch2Earn revolution

Key Metrics

  • 5


  • 18,500

    $XCAD holders

  • 100

    content creators onboarded

  • 560,000,000

    cumulative subscribers

The Challenge

XCAD Network approached us with the challenge of designing a website for their Watch-to-Earn project. The site would act as a shopfront for their products and needed to onboard users by educating them about XCAD’s Watch-to-Earn ecosystem.

The Results

XCAD has led the Watch-to-Earn revolution. Their ecosystem, consisting of five products, has attracted over 100 content creators with more than half a billion cumulative YouTube subscribers.


Pioneering in the creator economy

The emergence of web3 has created new opportunities for people to earn from everyday tasks.

What started with playing to earn has progressed to see the web3 community learning, wearing or simply moving to earn crypto rewards.

XCAD however was looking to bring tokenization to the world of content creation by allowing YouTubers and their subscribers to earn from simply watching their favourite content creators.

The website would act as a gateway to XCAD’s vast Watch-to-Earn ecosystem that rewards both creators and their followers.


Understanding the potential of Watch-to-Earn

When XCAD approached us, Watch-to-Earn was a relatively new concept. Only a handful of projects were competing with XCAD.

Both creators and fans still needed to be convinced that Watch-to-Earn had the same potential as Play-to-Earn, which is heading towards becoming a billion-dollar industry.

But to be convinced, users first needed to understand the Watch-to-Earn process. We made sure this was at the heart of our designs right from the wireframe stage.

Using a walkthrough video in the hero area immediately introduced users to the Watch-to-Earn process and highlighted just how easy the XCAD app was to navigate.


Influencing adoption rates

When working with projects that are looking to combine web2 with web3, we know that attracting high-profile users from the web2 world can drive adoption.

This was the case for XCAD whose success was dependent on attracting content creators to their web3 platform.

The easiest way to convince YouTubers to join XCAD’s network was to inform them of their fellow creators who had already done so.

XCAD has attracted the likes of Khandeshi Movies, Renato Garcia and MR. INDIAN HACKER, so we made sure to shout about it in the UI.

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