Bridging the gap between web3 and traditional industries

The Project

The challenge

To help Cavenwell bridge the gap between web3 creators and the corporate world by highlighting their unique ability to speak the language of both blockchain developers and conventional founders/CEOs.

The results

Avark used three.js to create an experience that took the brand away from web2. At the same time, the logo and brand guidelines delivered a professional, trustworthy look that potential clients would expect from a brand offering corporate services.


Blockchain advancements

The advancements brought about by blockchain technology has seen a new wave of entrepreneurs looking to turn their innovations into a business venture.

On the other side of the gap, many conventional firms are exploring NFTs, entering the metaverse or releasing their own crypto tokens.

With this comes new challenges for both sides.

Web3 projects are often led by blockchain developers who don’t fully understand corporate issues such as legal structuring and tax.

Similarly, brands that existed prior to web3 often don’t understand the fast moving nature and new terminology that comes with web3.

Cavenwell looks to target both of these groups by acting as a bridge between web3 and the corporate world.


Bridging the gap

Cavenwell have expertise on both sides of the gap.

Their team possesses qualifications in regulatory compliance and company structuring. Yet, they also have experience in lecturing on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The challenge for us was to translate Cavenwell’s dual credibility amongst both target audiences.

Avark were able to draw on our own experience of making a mark in the web3 space whilst also staying true to our offering that translated across from more traditional industries.

The language

Appealing to web3 creators

Web3 creators want to work with partners that truly understand their space.

Brands that have expanded their offering into the blockchain industry can come unstuck when it comes to understanding the complex nature of chains, smart contracts, DeFi, etc.

Cavenwell appeals to web3 brands and blockchain developers by offering assistance with corporate challenges whilst being able to talk their language.

Web3 Branding

Creating trust with corporate clients

On the other side of the gap are traditional companies that have a clearer understanding of corporate issues but need assistance understanding the blockchain space.

These potential clients want to see a legal firm that specialises in web3 and not vice versa.

Branding that was too focused around web3 would leave these clients confused, intimidated and possibly feeling like Cavenwell didn’t understand the corporate space.

The monochromatic colour palette, use of a wordmark as the leading logo and an abstract icon combined to create a trustworthy, professional and corporate identity.

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