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The project

The challenge

To create a platform that could become the leading place to launch web3 gaming projects including play-to-earn, metaverse and blockchain games.

The results

Avark were, and continues to be involved in all aspects of the GamiFi project. After creating a brand identity that helped to create extensive buzz within the crypto-gaming world, we have gone on to build a successful launchpad app that has incorporated utility NFTs and staking pools.


A launchpad for blockchain games

The global esports market is expected to generate $2 billion in revenue in 2022, and the number of blockchain games is expected to more than double in the coming years.

Avark worked with GamiFi to try and bring these two worlds together by creating a blockchain gaming launchpad that would appeal to crypto enthusiasts as well as traditional gamers.


Creating trust in a trustless space

Whether investing in cryptocurrency, NFTs or a new play-to-earn game, the crypto community thrives on being early.

With that in mind, GamiFi needed to become a platform where the web3 community, specifically play-to-earn gamers, could find the next hidden gem of the blockchain gaming world.

To achieve this, it was vital that the GamiFi brand built trust with the crypto-gaming community. The story of the brand needed to show that the team behind the project were web3 native people who were passionate about advancing the space.

3D Design

An evolution of gaming

If the GamiFi platform was going to attract the sometimes sceptical esports audience, it needed to showcase that play-to-earn games represented an evolution of gaming as opposed to being viewed as a competitor to traditional games.

Our 3D gaming assets used across the website and app helped to ensure the GamiFi brand was resonating with gamers and not just the crypto community.

Web3 Design

From brand to build

Avark’s niche existence as a web3 design agency has allowed us to be involved in all aspects of the GamiFi project, from branding to web design and app development.

This has fostered the creation of a consistent, and more importantly, truly authentic web3 project.


Long-term partnership

We have continued to partner with GamiFi since the launch of their project, working together as both their brand and platform evolves.

This recently involved designing and building the GamiFi mystery boxes—which users could open to reveal one of three GamiFi NFTs—as well as creating mini games which the GamiFi community could play to earn GMI.

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