Crafting a striking identity for the go-to web3 accountants

The Project

The Challenge

To create a new identity for a traditional accounting firm wanting to take their expertise into the web3 space.

The Results

The new brand identity coupled with Myna’s years of experience in the traditional world has helped them cement their place as one of the UK’s leading crypto accountants.


Profiting from a new audience

For the web3 space to reach total adoption, we need groups that offer traditional corporate services to blockchain-native projects.

Myna is an accounting firm for web3. Where most corporate brands entering web3 possess either traditional experience or web3 expertise, Myna had both.

The challenge for us was to create the web3 arm of Myna’s parent company, Nephos, by creating an identity that complimented their existing business whilst simultaneously resonating with a new audience in the emerging space of web3.

This involved working across brand and web design to create a unique identity for Myna.


Brand as an asset

Myna’s brand identity needed to appeal to web3-native businesses both on and offline whilst also withholding the trust they had built up from years of experience helping conventional clients.

We approached this by evolving, rather than replacing, their current logo. The origami bird had become a focal point of their existing brand but we introduced subtle 3D touches to push the futuristic, technological element of Myna.

Pairing this with a more modern colour palette ensured the Myna brand was better suited to the less-corporate nature of web3.

Web Design

A striking presence

To create a consistent identity across all platforms, we rolled the brand into website UI designs.

The minimal but striking colour palette combined with the use of a dark background, a popular trend in web3, steadily took the web3 brand away from its parent company.

This helped to accomplish our mission of putting a web3 spin on Myna’s presence without carrying out a full overhaul of the brand.

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