Facilitating the next wave of web3 developers

The project


To create the go-to place for onboarding the next generation of web3 front-end developers.


Avark worked with Sort across all points of their launch including brand, product UX and dapp development. The three areas combine to offer an innovative platform that has recently attracted over $3,500,000 in funding.


A helping hand for web3 pioneers

Sort is aiming to bring web2 developers into the world of web3 by offering an easier way to build decentralized applications.

To achieve this, Sort allows web2 developers to integrate data from smart contracts directly into apps and platforms using commonly known programming languages such as SQL.

Avark worked with Sort from branding to product build to deliver a project that has the capability of becoming the go-to place to build web3 applications and advance the blockchain space.


A familiar feel to a revolutionary toolkit

Crucial to Sort’s success was offering a familiar experience to developers using their platform.

As a result, the whole user interaction with the brand needed to have a sense of conventionality, achieved through branding inspired by traditional web development processes.

The varying uses of lines in different contexts portray the different states of the sorting process. This reflects how Sort is with the developer from the beginning of the process until completion and helps the user feel at home despite stepping into web3 for what could be the first time.

Web Design

Removing UX barriers

When Sort approached us, they felt the complexity of blockchain infrastructure was the biggest barrier to entry for developers, and we agreed.

Through a strategic combination of UX and UI design, we helped Sort to lower this barrier.

The developer-focused landing page worked to answer any questions a first-time user may have about building with Sort.

For the hero area, we created a visual representation of how easy the product is to use, showing developers how they can start to build with Sort in just three lines of code.

The use of multiple CTAs and user flows also ensures each user receives an experience more relevant to their experience and needs.

Product Design

Simplifying smart contracts

Sort’s product needed to be the easiest place to transition into web3 development.

And to achieve that, it was crucial Sort provided a seamless introduction to working with smart contracts.

This started by allowing developers to search for contracts uploaded by other users. If the required contract doesn’t exist, developers can fund their own contracts in either fiat or crypto.

While creating a smart contract might be an alien process to new web3 developers, Sort offers a way to make it feel like a familiar experience. Users can write functions in SQL, a popular programming language before Sort returns the web3 APIs with the click of a button.


Driving the development of web3

Sort’s commitment to prioritising UX combined with our previous experience of creating web3 UX solutions made for a successful product that achieved the brief of offering a platform capable of onboarding the next generation of web3 developers.

This, combined with Sort’s strong, distinctive brand drove the Sort team towards a $3,500,000 funding round which will allow them to advance their product suite in the future.

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