Defining the UX of NFT analytics

Key Metrics

  • 1,000,000+

    unique visitors

  • 700+

    NFT projects supported

  • $4,000,000

    raised in seed round

The challenge

To scale the Evaluate.Market platform from being an NBA Top Shot analytics platform to a site which brought trust, transparency and stability to the NFT space as a whole.

The results

Evaluate’s ever growing platform now allows users to analyse individual NFTs based on certain traits for 20 NFT collections. In addition, the Evaluate site has scaled to become an NFT marketplace as well.


$40 billion industry

NFTs exploded in 2021, with over $40 billion spent on non-fungible tokens last year.

But with this boom comes scepticism and risk as brands look to “cash in” on this lucrative new market.

Evaluate Market helps to bring transparency and stability to the NFT world by allowing collectors to track and analyse NFTs.

The Evaluate team approached Avark with 2 challenges:

  1. To showcase this transparency through a rebrand without losing the look and feel of the old Evaluate branding that had already been well received by Evaluate’s community.
  2. To scale the Evaluate platform so it could incorporate multiple NFT projects across different blockchains.


Helping users enter the NFT world

The Evaluate website could be seen as a gateway into NFTs.

Whilst not solely for NFT newbies, beginners are able to use the Evaluate hub to arm themselves with all the information they need prior to jumping in and purchasing their first NFT.

As a result, clear and simple UX was a vital part of the project. Any holes in the UX would only further confuse beginners.

Users needed to be able to navigate the site easily, gather information quickly and be pointed in the right direction when it came to purchasing NFTs.

Web design

Bringing stability to NFTs

The platform also offered more experienced collectors a new way to monitor their portfolio.

Whilst investing in stocks and shares is seen as savvy, even a skill or career path, purchasing NFTs is still viewed as a gamble due to fluctuation and unpredictability.

Evaluate looked to offer NFT collectors the same tools as other investors by supplying them with more information about their portfolios, ultimately allowing NFT owners to make more informed decisions.

Multi-chain UX

Scaling up

When Evaluate first approached us, their platform only supported NBA Top Shot.

The Evaluate team wanted to scale their product to become a home for NFT analytics in general as well as expanding to become a marketplace too.

The Avark team embraced the challenge of building an Evaluate site which could incorporate different NFTs across different blockchains.

This helped to immediately scale the platform and provided unlimited potential for future growth.

Avark is our go-to resource for everything branding and design. If you are looking for a talented and responsive agency that understands the blockchain world, look no further.

Christian Dittmeier

Co-founded evaluate.market

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