Shaping a new identity for a brand who is revolutionising the way we display NFTs

The Project

The challenge

To carry out a brand refresh to ensure Nifted’s innovative NFT display model was a big hit within the competitive NFT market.

The results

Avark placed high focus on the fact that Nifted was operating solely within the NFT space. We created a new logo, brand guidelines and website which aligned with the disruptive nature of NFTs.


A booming market

In 2021, the NFT market exploded to become a $40 billion industry, rapidly closing in on the overall value of the conventional art market.

The rapidly-growing NFT industry has drawn in conventional brands that are now exploring new opportunities within the space.

For Nifted, this meant many old-school digital printing companies had entered the NFT display market.

The challenge for Avark was to show that Nifted understood the NFT space, were passionate about digital collectables and most importantly, were part of the web3 community.

web3 branding

Tapping into the NFT community

Avark’s existence as a blockchain design agency went hand in hand with what Nifted were trying to create.

Having worked with NFTs and NFT marketplaces, we understood what the NFT community valued and looked for in a brand.

We believed the fact that Nifted had been born out of the NFT movement, rather than moving into the market as a result of the boom, would create authenticity and trust with NFT collectors.

This gave us the opportunity to hone in on Nifted’s niche as an NFT display brand.

Logo design

Bringing the logo into the web3 era

Our aim was to create vibrant, noisy branding that matched the disruptive nature of NFTs.

We swapped the graffiti style of the old logo for a slick new typeface to take Nifted further away from the world of physical art and bring the brand more towards the modern art market.

Web3 natives enjoy being able to recognise a brand through an icon as well as a name following the impact of cryptocurrencies and their symbols on the space.

We added an icon to the logo which could stand alone to be used in tandem with Nifted’s packaging and other brand assets.

Web design

Product-centred website

The final part of the refresh was to apply the Nifted branding to a new website design.

At the heart of the new website was the Nifted product itself.

The first step to achieving this was placing a high emphasis on the first thing that the user saw when landing on the Nifted homepage.

We used an image of the product itself in the hero section of the homepage, animating the device with 3D effects to help bring the visuals to life in a way that would better reflect how the product would feel in the owner’s home.

Avark provided a terrific combination of super high-quality work and service. While the website and design work Avark did for Nifted was top-notch, it was the company’s communication and responsiveness that really stood out. We had nothing but an overwhelmingly positive experience with Avark as we underwent a full rebranding.

Raymond Flores

Co-founded Nifted

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