Bringing tokenization to the business world

The project

The challenge

The key challenge was to create UX patterns that would facilitate the adoption of Niftyz’ first-of-its-kind NFT platform for business. Due to its revolutionary nature, usability and simplicity were critical to the success of Niftyz’ platform.

The results

Working with Niftyz across branding, web design and product UX allowed us to create a coherent strategy prior to the launch of their platform. The beta version has been well received in the web3 space, evidenced by the number of brands that have signed up to Niftyz’ Partners Programme.


NFTs for business

Niftyz are aiming to revolutionise the process of crowdfunding by incorporating web3 technology and NFTs.

The Niftyz app will allow brands to access their platform and tokenize assets such as pitch decks and whitepapers.

This gives partnering projects the opportunity to explore new revenue streams, web3 networking opportunities, alternative fundraising methods and more.


A tailored experience

Web2 crowdfunding platforms often shoehorn users into one of two categories: startup or investor.

Niftyz offers a more tailored experience for the user by placing them into one of five groups: startup, investor, partner, accelerator or advisor.

The challenge for our branding team was to create a recognisable icon that could first stand alone but then be rolled out in a way that differentiated these different user groups.

Web3 UX

Accessibility for web2 businesses

Niftyz’ platform was the first of its kind. This presented the challenge of creating UX patterns for a concept that didn’t previously exist. At the same time, the product wasn’t limited to crypto natives which only further increased the importance of a simplified user experience.

As a web3 agency, creating new UX patterns is something our team thrives on. Our designers knew that usability and adoption of Niftyz’ platform were dependent upon meticulously thought-out wireframes.

We drew upon our own experiences and considered the obstacles that we encountered when first utilising web3 technology to create user-centric wireframes that could give the app strong foundations.

Web design

A helping hand into web3

Seeing as Niftyz’ platform could act as a way into the world of web3, they also required a website with the main aim of educating potential users.

For instance, this might be the first time that a user is interacting with crypto wallets, NFTs and the blockchain.

Our UI designers accomplished this by building on the work of our branding team to not only create a consistent, sleek look, but one which included assets that served to simplify the complex technology and simplify the whole process.

We worked with Avark to develop the first version of our platform. The Web3-orientated team at Avark built this to our requirements with great attention and communication.

Sara Simeone

Niftyz CEO and Co-founder

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